Happy Mumsy Day

She planted iris 

Beneath the old oak tree

Lightning struck it twice

It was really hard to believe

Barely any dirt left

Underneath the trunk they grew

Lovely little iris~grape scented

Hearty little flowers

Just like our family

 Still blooming where 

We’re planted

She planted iris
Thank you Mumsy for this precious memory of you! I love you! ❤ I didn’t want to wait till tomorrow because that’s what everyone else does. I think everyday should be Mother’s day! I love you!

21 thoughts on “Happy Mumsy Day

      1. That is true. I was really working today n enjoying my weeks. But in order to do that I would have to lice in a bubble.
        Oh Holly I was looking at your photos on your blog. You are stunningly beautiful. Wow. I’m not sure I ever told you that before so I wanted to make sure to tell you. Your hair is so beautiful. Wow ♥️

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      2. It’s hard when you have a very demanding job! Thank you for the sweet words. You are the beautiful lady with the blonde hair and blue eyes. Gorgeous xx


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