16 thoughts on “Oklahoma sunset

    1. Thank you sweet Holly!
      Oh no I’m so so sorry to hear that about you blog! My oh my why would someone do such a thing? I hope you were able to save your work! Sending love your way and a big hug! ❤

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      1. I did download my blog. I don’t know how it was done but someone got into the administrative area… 😦


  1. It really is beautiful, Angel Friend. I’ll soon be on that rainbow trail and moving into that sunset. We’ve had a couple of pretty sunsets here lately,, but I can’t hold my camera long enough to shoot them. Right now just trying to simplify everything so my kids won’t have much to clean up behind me. Hard telling them goodbye, but I’ m too tired now to keep on hanging on. This is going to be the train ride of my, uh, life? I think I’ll enjoy seeing what’s on the other side though. Just want to make sure you know I love you. Thank you for all the times we’ve had here. I’ll keep checking in to the end, but for now I just have that overwhelming feeling it’s time to make sure I tell everyone “farewell, so long, and a loving goodbye.” I’ll check back as long as possible. I love you my dear friend.

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    1. OH my gosh. I’m overwhelmed with tears for you! I wish I was closer I would come sit with you. I’m so sorry life gets so busy. I pray that things turn around. I am going to stop what I’m doing and call you now! I love you too! Thank you for letting me know! If you see a “918” number show up it’s me. I love you! ❤

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