I am surrounded with love

Yep this evening I’m surrounding myself with my
nature friends. Look who showed up like clock work

Bunny silhouette. I think she’s learning…
she’s part of my backyard friends.

Meanwhile, Angel watches

We are being serinaded by this sweet mockingbird
that won’t give up. I love how many songs he sings.

That dot is him. None of my backyard friends want
to wait for me to run in and get my camera so my iPhone will have suffice.

Ya’ll look the moon showed up…that light dot on the right. 😊

Nothing better than my view. I’m so thankful for my
backyard friends and you of course that choose to join me.
Life is good 😊

22 thoughts on “I am surrounded with love

      1. Yeah, when I am here in central Fl. it is worse for me, In Miami I don’t have these problems. The trees and flowers are so different here I haven’t gotten used to them. grrr. 🙂 Have a lovely weekend Michelle. ❤


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