Wisdom from my Pa

My Pa always had these wonderful little pearls of wisdom. Today I remembered this one. I think of him everyday so this day to celebrate Fathers is just another day for me. Till we meet again Pa, but till then I’ll meet you in my heart ❤️ 

Also I have a page where I’ve shared about him. https://tellmeaboutit.co/my-dad-dan-pa/

17 thoughts on “Wisdom from my Pa

  1. Wow! Do you know how much you look like him? Lovely tribute, and I love the “sayin” as I call these words of wisdom. I got the chance to call my son and wish him a happy day, and also congratulate him on becoming a grandpa later this year. Being a Leap Year baby, he’s only 12 himself, both in number of actual birthdays and in action! He appreciates it more now than he did when he was 8 and celebrated his second actual day!

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    1. Awe thank you. Yes I do look like him. He had blonde curls. I have the same curl in the front like he did.
      I love that about your son a leap year baby. Congrats on being. Grand grand 😌😌😂♥️💛💙❤️

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  2. Some of my first impressions haven’t gone down well lol

    I know you keep your Pa in your mind all the time, and you know he is with you each and every day.

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