The mountains are calling

Maybe the gypsy soul
the country road
I’ll never know
what took you away
but you went

Maybe the mountains
that burned your soul
till you sat atop
I’ll never know but
whispers in the wind

Maybe the broken heart
the sorrow and regret
You fled away
with your tomorrows
I’m left wondering

Maybe I’ll never know
I won’t let go
I’m going to
hold you in my heart
till I see you again

28 Comments on “The mountains are calling

  1. Here in SW Virginia we say “going up the mountain” no matter where that may be. Blue Ridge, Great Smoky. It’s the peace I always find there. I was working two blocks from the White House on 911. That night when we could get finally get out of the city across the Potomac River where I lived, I drove past the still burning Pentagon and saw the part where I worked four years as an Army Staff Officer totally destroyed I was even more affected. What calmed me down was the following weekend going up the mountain to seek solace. It’s where I like to be. Closer to God, you pick your reason. Nice post. Thanks.

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    • Wow what an amazing experience you had definitely unforgettable and life changing. I feel the same about the mountains and nature I seem to regain my center this way! Thank you for sharing this with me Michael 🙂

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  2. Beautiful poem, Michelle, and sentiment. I can relate as I live in the Colorado Rockies and they softly call every day. Thank you for sharing.


    • AWE thank you Pat. This is actually about them and my Pa. He loved them too. You can take the man out of the mountain but you can never take the mountain out of the man/woman. ❤

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      • So right about that, Michelle. I’m happy your Pa had that connection that forever will be with him — a mystique that will linger long after we’re gone, for sure.

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    • Oh wow they do me too. My Pa used to say he felt closer to God in the Rockies fishing. This is about him. Thank you so much 🙂


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