When I was young

When I was young I would sit on the swing-set starring at the sky. I noticed how time would fly and my thoughts would land like bumble bees kissing a flower, never staying on one subject too long. I guess that was when I learned that my soul and spirit could float and my imagination could imagine, ever though my feet were firmly planted in my present moment. I remember this day because I remember thinking when I am older I want to remember this day…How the clouds are making shapes like horses and cows and the wind was blowing them around, and for the span of 2 hours I was lost in my thoughts. I smile as I write this in my journal because it is something I didn’t want to forget about myself—even though my feet are firmly planted in the present moment, my soul, spirit and mind can dream and visit anywhere, all I have to do is go outside look up and imagine my world however I want it to be. Maybe it’s my gypsy soul, who knows, it’s such a nice thought for today, so I’m going to think it.

24 thoughts on “When I was young

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    1. Oh it is. I woke up thinking and remembering this day. Not sure what it all means maybe that things are changing for me who knows. All I know is that I’m ready! LOL I did think that if I want change I have to be willing to change and I’m not sure what all that means either. Just my thoughts are usually full in the morning. I write them down so I don’t forget them! 🙂

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