Firefly Inspirations

Maybe it’s the twilight
Maybe June & Summer fireflies
I’ll never know why, I cannot stop
Sitting & waiting for you
First a hinted whisper like wind
Oh, it’s nothing that I did
To cause this flood of emotion
And elation that you are still here
No one knows & I’m not pretending
No spaces, no blades of separation
But me & you inspiration
I live to meet you here

20 Comments on “Firefly Inspirations

  1. So very beautiful are the words and the image that wraps it! I have not been well! But things seem to be getting better! Your poem inspires me, my sister! God bless!


    • Hello dear friend. I’m so sorry you aren’t doing well. I’m sending you prayers of healing and hope to your weary soul and heart. I pray God’s grace and healing will touch you where you need! Blessings to you Wendell! 🙂


  2. Wonderful poem and graphic. We don’t have fireflies here. I think they would be a lot of fun.

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    • Hello there Tim. I think it’s the coolish of the night and the ponds around the house. Not sure what draws them. They are a lot of fun. We used to chase them and my sister loved to collect them in glass jars. Hope you are having a wonderful week. (◡‿◡✿)

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