It was the…Poppies

It was the Poppies

“You see sir

I wasn’t looking

for a wizard.

I don’t believe!!!

I was following

the wildflowers…

Sweet Poppies

They caught my eye

Me being shy

I followed this road

I was looking for

something real

The way he threw his voice

double entendre like

you how I like to laugh

I got a little off, but now I see

This road I have been traveling

Has made me believe

I already knew the truth

inside me, I’m funny that way.”

25 thoughts on “It was the…Poppies

      1. I sometimes don’t get jokes like most people do. My mom said someone told her once she is so heavenly minded, that she’s no earthly good but that’s not true either. 😂😉 I’m joking 🙃 too!
        I was serious when I made this art and wrote this because I’m not a fan of fakeness. I spot it slower than the average bird, I get lost in my wildflowers a lot. 😂 thanks for the laugh 🤭

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      2. Wow thank you, I wait and let the feeling of how it felt, tell the story. I’m not sure why it needs to be shared but if I don’t stop and give the inspiration my attention it builds till I do stop and feel it. It wasn’t a pleasant experience as it happened, but it’s definitely cemented in my soul. <:) So I have to share it. Just in case someone else has been here maybe. ~:)

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      3. Ahh well I think age is really a number so I feel like I’m ageless maybe 😀 But if you asked my daughter she might say, “OMG mom stop doing that”…Stop doing what? I never know what she means. LOL I crack myself up 😀

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