These crazy BEEs

I went outside to water, and literally over 100 bumble bees came flying out of my bushes and tree. I’m allergic to them… why I want to tempt fate, I have no idea!  So, I grabbed my camera because that’s what every one does, right?

27 thoughts on “These crazy BEEs

  1. I love the bees. I was cleaning out my back yard one time and I dug into a mound of grass with a pitchfork and realized I had just destroyed a bumble bee nest. The bees were flying around so disoriented. I felt horrible. I’ll never dig into grassy mounds again.

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    1. Me too!
      Oh wow I didn’t know that they nest in the ground. I do know that yellow jacket wasps, do and I’ve been chased and stung before. You are lucky they just swarmed and didn’t sting you. I’m always super careful to when digging. Right now, we have a snake under the back porch. I’ve been worried about it. I went out last night to check on the hole and noticed a gopher has been burrowing in the yard. All these critters keep me on my tows. Especially since I didn’t invite a few of them! 🙂 LOL

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      1. Bumble bees are like the golden retrievers of bees. They’re good natured and harmless. I think they were more surprised than anything else. Not one of them made like they were going to sting me. I did have a number of wasp nests at the house a couple of years ago and had to, regrettably, destroy the nests. They’re such productive creatures. I hate to destroy their lovely nests.

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      2. Oh I know but if you are allergic like I am you have to. Plus if they sting the kids around the neighborhood that would be bad so you saved the neighborhood. 😀 The bees are like you said. I love that analogy and golden retrievers. Love that 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much! LOL yes, I do take chances.
      We just baled the back field and I’m thinking I need to go roam it now that the snakes are scared off. LOL I’ve been afraid of the ticks and snakes this year. Maybe I’ll put my tick boots on and go exploring tomorrow 😀 LOL

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