Let’s get Lost~For Belinda

Art by MichelleMarie
Art by MichelleMarie

Let’s get Lost

Belinda I think it’s time to pick back up on our romance novel. I’m thinking this dude’s name can be ??? I can’t think of anything romance worthy so I’ll leave that up to you! You got me started with your romance story today. Happy dreaming!

I pray you sleep sweet B.

I love you!

Tarry With Me

Tarry With Me~with sweet Julia! Oh yes I will! I surely will and I hope that you will as well! What a blessing to tarry with you sweet one! ❤ Have a beautiful Saturday! I'm off with my girl! She needs me! ❤ HUGE hugs


I am still running.

Working hard enough

Love will finally be earned.

Did I complete tasks

asked by voices my own?



Aching to go over

the river where sunflowers

grow on either bank.

In the middle, living water

flows in the house of God,

forever. Your love is strong

quiet for my busied mind.

Am I waiting right?

Should I take control again?

I don’t want the responsibility,

continuously trying my patience

with how I cannot wait.

A child counting the days

until December brings flakes

white as first snow.

My need for You to baptize

my mind, outweighs the cure

for pain only sinners know well:

denial for help, since we are

much better solo. I hate admitting

I can’t wait alone, with questions

presented again & again &


I need Your hand wrapped in my right,

Your face before my brows raising worry

if You’ll…

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I’m Sorry, CP

Syl65 introduced me to this beautiful soul. I know you will agree when you read her poems that we are truly blessed with some wisdom that only comes out of struggle. Please if you do not follow this precious one visit and you will see what I see wisdom beyond words! Please direct all comments and likes to sweet Julia’s blog click below ❤ Happy Saturday!


Cerebral Palsy:

I don’t know why I’m writing to you.

No, wait, I do. I want to understand

why I hate you.

The other day, my brother pointed out

how I spelled you wrong.

With a T at the end of Cerebral. At

least I think so.

I don’t want to check. I don’t want to

revisit my mistake.

I covered my ears when he said it.

Much of the time, how I’m trying to

cover up you.

Remember when I was younger, you

carried me

all the way across the living floor, so I

could feel the rush of walking without

aluminum against my back?

These crooked feet, so quickly

contract blisters on the big toes

without support. You take me down

several breaths when that happens.

I walk infinitely slower than I already

think I do. I curse myself for trying

to run or walk as everyone else:…

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For Jeanne Marie…we’re here for you

Our beloved Belinda never stops even in her own sickness she is tender to her friends suffering. She started my day out with encouragement and I was so encouraged that I had to jump on thinkingpink and spread some PINK love for JM. She also lost someone on the same day BB and I did~how we lift our beloved friends up just makes my heart soar and want to reach out to you and splash some love on your reader. (✿◕‿◕✿)