Tell Me About It

It was the…Poppies

It was the Poppies

“You see sir

I wasn’t looking

for a wizard.

I don’t believe!!!

I was following

the wildflowers…

Sweet Poppies

They caught my eye

Me being shy

I followed this road

I was looking for

something real

The way he threw his voice

double entendre like

you how I like to laugh

I got a little off, but now I see

This road I have been traveling

Has made me believe

I already knew the truth

inside me, I’m funny that way.”

Best Blogs – Spring 2019 Edition!

Neha’s Best Blogs – Spring 2019 Edition! Thank you sweet friend and many blessings to you ❤


Hello Everyone,

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Spring Blog Nominations, I appreciate you taking the time to mention your favorite blogs! This is what I love most about this community…  how generous people are to give a shout out to fellow bloggers and artists, and build this strong network that we have. Without much further adieu, below are your favorite blogs followed by a few of my favorites! Do Check out the nominators and their recommended blogs, I believe all of the nominators are some of my personal favorites, also do check out my previous blog recommendations and stay tuned for future ones!

**Please note they are in no specific order, just based in the same order as nominations in my comments. My personal recs are listed at the end. 🙂 They are all equally great in my eyes!

Best Spring Blog Recommendations:

Nominator: Carol Hopkins…

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Today is a beautiful day to be a wildflower

Today is the beautiful day to be a wildflower
It’s the only life she’s known
Growing outside fences
Swaying in the breeze
In the field with all her wildflower friends
Wildflowers are free that way

Friends and time

quote from my friend

Someone sent this to me this morning after thanking me for making time for them. I always make time for my friends. I have noticed though sometimes it’s not reciprocal with some that show up and I’m okay with that it’s just that maybe I won’t be free next time either. Life’s too short to wait around on someone to have time to talk to you. Just sayin’…I had this ah…ha moment today. I was just talking to my daughter about this the other day. I know these things, but sometimes it’s nice to be reminded.

Turquoise Rose

Her name was Turquoise Rose
I watched as she danced to Spanish Eyes
her eyes so blue they could melt paint…
I know because they melted my heart
and turned it upside down
I’ve never been the same

I never want to,” He said. 

Butterflies have landed

Well all my efforts have paid off my butterfly 🦋 bushes have done their job once again. 🦋💜🦋

I’ll leave the light on for you

In the deepest deep of my heart I will let go
but..please know I really tried to roll that stone away for you
but you held on as if for dear life, you wouldn’t let go so…
so I did…not completely

I’ll leave the light on for you…should you need me
follow the light home

Crazy Sue and Gypsy Daisy

Crazy Sue & Gypsy Daisy
became good friends
and sometimes maybe
they sit & talk about
nothing at all

Said Crazy Sue to Gypsy Daisy,
“Did you know there’s a Gypsy song?”
Gypsy Daisy laughed and said
“Ya, but why don’t you play it for me.”

Crazy Sue closed her eyes
tears did flow
she sang of wrongs
stars & even so
they all tried to love her
she would fight
not once did she give
a second thought
to fools that didn’t
hold her heart tight
even so she cried…
so did Gypsy Daisy

Everybody have you heard the Mockingbirds are back?

This sweet little baby is outside my window in the rose bushes chirping and calling for his momma. Momma is a tough bird, she flew over to him, fed him and put her head down and pushed him and he fluttered his wings. Thus begins learning how to fly.
Being a momma isn’t easy, it’s hard to know sometimes when to push and when to let them fend for themselves, it’s a tricky thing. I wish I was more like this momma bird.

This is the second baby it’s on the outside of the bushes so it’s hard to get a good clear photo of it. I have a front row seat from my window. Something interesting, I cut my rose bushes back this year so I wouldn’t have babies, but it seems they found the one place I didn’t prune. The momma knows I’m there because she came up to my window looked right at me and made the noise she makes to warn me. 🙂 I smiled and decided to leave her to her mothering. 🙂 Happy Saturday, may it be a chipper and chirpy as mine. Ha

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