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Yellow caught my eye 💛

These sweet little yellow pansies caught my eye on my way back from lunch. I hope they make you smile 😊💛

Happy Friday

Happy Friday from Micki’s cafe’ where you can have all the extra whipped you want. 😂😊😋

Think big baby…2020

I think…there’s always
Something more
I think A BIG SO…something
Cause, we all have wings
It’s 2020, I’m flying
Let’s FLY Baby

Can I live with this? I can.

I never dreamed flying would be like this…

Memories hold you

Memories hold you

Thoughts of you unfold me

I can still hear your voice

What about me, where will I go?

I can’t remember my response

I knew at that moment as

Your word nestled inside my heart

Christmas never comes without

Stirring up your words

I love how memories hold you

The sweetness of the bittersweet

Thoughts of you like that

Micki’s mocha latte

My favorite part of Sunday morning. Micki’s mocha latte w/extra whipped because I can.

Have a gentle Sunday! 🧡

Whispered prayer just before dawn


Words of Amber

Amber art

Art by MichelleMarie

Words of Amber
burn within my heart
this is their home
this is the part
I want to give
but I hold them close
Far too often I offer freely
these precious words then
I realize I need them most
My desire to share
To be known
Led me here
Looking for a home
for my
Words of Amber

Friday tea bag wisdom

Good morning 💜 Happy Friday! 💜

Autumn umbrellas

I took a beautiful walk during my lunch hour yesterday. So happy to see the trees put in their autumn dresses. 🍁💛🧡

I love that all the colors are here green 💚 yellow 💛 and my favorite 🧡 All in the same tree. Makes me smile.

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