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Oklahoma wildflowers

SHE’s a wildflower…wild & free
SHE grew by the side of the road
SHE wasn’t ashamed to grow there either
Some think it matters where you grow
All that mattered was SHE was growing
Being Free and Wild is part of SHE


Oh Deer~My Sweet Visitor

Oh Deer…My Sweet Visitor tonight ~♡~

A Safe Place to Land – Sara Bareillis & John Legend

I’m just a simple man


      • I’m just a simple man

nothing much matters to me

except for this corner chest

inside a silver dollar from my dad

and this here leather chair

where I sit

      • I’m just a simple man

as long as I have food

and a roof over my head

life is good

today my breakfast tasted different

somedays it tastes great but not today

      • I’m just a simple man

he said not much matters

but the things that matter

today the simple man was sad

a foreboding sadness that dogs him

chases him down and sets upon him

      • I see the simple man

in his simplicity, in his sadness

I didn’t know it was that simple

Didn’t realize he was simple

Nothing is ever simple to me

except the simple man


Transparent transformation

paints her soul teal green

translucent invisible…ღ…love…ღ…

of self…ღ…she paints…ღ…

”Love your neighbor as you love yourself. Do you love yourself? Do you love your neighbor? Something to ponder. ღ

If you break, break deeply

From Trini’s blog. I love this ❤


Please direct all comments to Trini. I had to share this! Love it!

The Paths of the Spirit

If you break, break deeply,
Like tide all the way into the shallow coves,
So that even the sharpest rocks must give into you
And loose their pointy edges.
Your soul is like that tide,
If you allow it it will wash over you with its full force,
And slowly and persistently blunt your own
Sharp edges.

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Just before the storm

I caught this just before the clouds came this morning. It’s supposed to rain all day. I love the rain and how it cools the earth. I’m eagerly awaking Autumn. 🍁🧡 Have a gentle Sunday!

Look for the light

We can decide to be happy, make much out of little, embrace the warmth of our ordinary days.

Life unfolds as a mystery; an enterprise whose outcome cannot be foretold. We do not get what we expect, We stumble on cracks, We are faced with imperfection. Bonds are tested and tightened, and our landscape shifts.

In sunshine and in sadness, there is sunshine look for it. There is light look for it, There is light look for it, look for it!




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