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The sweetest thing…KK

Today was the sweetest thing. The Mockingbirds spotted KK in the window and landed right in front of her in the rose bush outside, they made their warning sounds. She was so excited to see them. I think the babies are here. Now she’s laying on my bed waiting for them to come back. I feel the same way about them 😂😻💚

Alex’s Kitty Kat, aka KK. I think she likes me 😻💚I love her green eyes. 💚



Thankful for Dr. Cash

❤️🐾 Angel had an awesome vet. She did all this for me. That heart on top is my Pa’s ashes. It felt kinda weird keeping people and animals ashes but I’ve changed my mind about it. Feels tender. Dr. Cash said I should share that, so I am. 🐾

And so we grow

photos by MichelleMarie

And so we grow, seeking the light…resting in the shade…<3

photos by MichelleMarie

photos by MichelleMarie

Lily heaven


Y’all I’m in lily heaven 💕🧡

Look at me MichelleMarie

The flowers to talk mine would be saying look at me look at me look at me! They make me happy. I starting singing this song.

Front porch sitting

Front porch sitting…this is what I saw
stillness was nothing felt at all but outside
But inside my heart ❤️ front porch sitting is magical to me
You never know what you’re gonna see
Come on back to the front porch 🙏🏼
Missing You 🐾❤️

Goodbye best friend

My Angel

Let me tell you about my best friend. She was gentle, soft and funny. She loved blankets, smelling for bunnies, talking walks and porch sitting. Angel started having seizures today so I had to have her put to sleep. She was 16, and lived a very long life. Alex drove me there and waited. Evidence of her all around me, pieces of her in my heart always 🙏🏼❤️

Good morning moon

Good morning moon 🌙💛🧡
This is what I saw when I opened my back door just now. 🌙🌙

Happy Sunday friends

Daisy #wildflowers

I love the small things. Life can be so heavy you have to look for the small little joys. Like whipped cream in my coffee, wildflowers in my field and sweet friends remind you how awesome you are. 💕💕💕 sweet daisies 🌼 #wildflowers

Camomile #wildflower
Queen Anne’s Lace _#wildflowes
Queen Anne with Indian paintbrush #wildflower

Caught between

Blue art, caught between

I’m kinda caught between
The moon, midnight and words
that never come out
I never feel it’s words I need to say
But the feeling we get when we be
just us, we, me and then I think
I’m kinda caught between
what I really should not say…always


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