New logo

So what do you think about my new logo? I’ve been thinking I need something to add to my art and photos. šŸ§”

Whatcha doing?

Alex: Whatcha doing?

Me: Making a pie

Alex: What? You don’t make things? Haha.
You don’tĀ make desserts ever did you find it on Pinterest?
Can I eat it?Ā 

Me: No I made it in Illustrator

Alex: I thought you meant a real pie. šŸ˜€



Adobe Illustrations my way

I’ve been brushing up on my drawing skills using Adobe Illustrator taking a few online classes. I had to dress up my building because as you know I like to color outside the lines and be my own kind of creative. I think I’ll give myself an A++.Ā įƒ¦

Below is a screen shot of what they asked for but I thought it needed some ā€Ā pizzazĀ ā€