23 thoughts on “New logo

  1. as a person who is not a graphic designer, i’m happy to offer you my opinion just based on my feelings upon seeing it. i love the swirls, they give a sense of freedom and creativity to the look. the only challenge i can see are the two m’s in the middle, which take a minute to decipher, though using the larger m’s as a guide certainly helps. beautiful design –


    1. Oh yes I was thinking that about the M’s in the middle I may try to outline then instead of fill them. Thank you for giving it a look and comment. I made it really large at first but when I reduce it the M’s are hard to make out. Have a great day Beth, thanks again 🙏🏼🦋💜

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  2. I like the open M’s. I saw M’s right away. I think the ends would be too heavy with solid M’s. You could do a light screened fill on the M’s if you want them to stand out a little more. I agree the swoops on the h and l’s are a bit over powering. You might have them as open lines if you want to keep them.

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    1. Hi Tim that’s a good idea as open lines. I’m going to try that . It’s funny how I wanted to add a logo to something and I realized I really don’t have one so I started playing. My mind wanders like the swirly loops on these letters sometimes 😂🦋🤗 thanks again Tim.

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      1. I’m working on a logo for the Average White Boys (me as a music group). So many possibility, but none of them are quite there yet.


      2. Oh wow. That does take sometime to do. I’m having trouble deciding what I want to do next career wise. I’m waiting for the right opportunity so it’s hard to know what to do with myself LOL

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  3. I like the swirls – but in my humble view – the two “m’s” in the middle are not easy to identify as solid Ms if that makes sense –
    They look like parentheses
    And then the h and two l’s in your name look like p’s

    But it is artsy and could become your trademark look – but for readability and branding of the Michelle Marie I wonder if you should try a few other fonts ?

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    1. I’ve been working on that idea. I like the swirly look because my writing is swirly and my l’s are crazy. I drew this in Illustrator and cheated with the font of my name because I could get the right curl. I’m still going to keep trying. Thank you for sharing this and commenting, I might outline the l’s and see if it looks different. Have a great evening 🤗💜🦋

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      1. Oh my pleasure – and I am
        Just winding down with the blog reader! Ahh
        And from my phone – the second part looks like carie

        But I love the overall shape (infinity) made by the logo and love the two large M’s –
        And the elegance is felt in the swirl font – with a nice medium toned red on white – so a minimal
        Vibe with those nice swirls – very refreshing and “you”


      2. Me too I’m winding down too. I’ve been needing to make myself a logo. I love the infinity sign too. Maybe if the l’s were less swirly. I will try that tomorrow.
        Have a great evening and thank you again 🤗🦋💜 it’s always nice to get other opinions 🤗

        It does look like carie on my phone too lol 😂

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      3. Well so glad I could chime in!
        I recently broke free from papyrus font and lowercase initials – !
        Anyhow – wishing you a good week ahead and have fun designing the new logo


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