As sweetness goes. . .

I think I might
have the spirit
of the Hummingbird
I love bright colors
and I’m drawn to
Sweetness. . .



The little ones

When it gets cold like it is the birds seem to be more active and lively. This little one was singing like crazy.

Sunny (4 photos)

This is Sunny the bald eagle. He had a broken wing and the Oklahoma Wildlife people fixed him up only problem was Sunny wasn’t leaving. He still can’t fly, I think I know exactly how Sunny feels.  I think Sunny was listening to me because I could tell by the way he turned his head sideways to hear me. Great bird!

See he turned his head sideways. I think he understood me. 😄😂

I think Sunny was finished listening because he turned his back. Such a beautiful bird! 

Okay go ahead…I won’t look…just be quick about it

OkaygoaheadIwontlook (1 of 1)

Y’all this sweet bird literally stood here forever waiting. I am terrible at taking photos of birds and butterflies. I get so excited when I see them that I can’t hold still. This is still a bit blurry…but I’m excited to share it.