Mockingbirds will sing for you

Please, won’t you, tell me a story
Oklahoma dust in your eyes
Please, won’t you speak of the glory
Hidden beyond
How little we knew of it
Mockingbirds will sing for you
Your song at dawn’s view
I hear them all through the night
You changed a piece of my life
Mockingbird sing me a tune
I was thinking about you and how
You changed a piece of my life


23 thoughts on “Mockingbirds will sing for you

    1. Yes, they certainly do have beautiful melodies. I spend a lot of time watching them with their babies in the Spring. Now they are all grown and they come to my backyard every evening and sing. I love that they come back every year to have their babies in my rose bushes! Such a sweet blessing! 💜

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  1. Lovely words and sweet photo Sweet Friend. I once had a mockingbird nesting in one of the chimneys of the farm house — a long, long time ago now but I still have the memories of summer evenings, the sweet smell of the mimosa trees and sitting on the front porch listening to the mockingbird. All senses were keener back then, and when I close my eyes I can see it all again as if it were yesterday. The garden would be filled with the fresh veggies that I would now be in the middle of canning for the coming winter, by this time of afternoon I would be thru in the kitchen for the day except for the late dinner being kept aside for my hubby and sons, all still hard at work in the fields, baling hay this time of the year. Ah, another wonderful smelling memory — the smell of newly mown hay.

    Okay, I’m thru for now. Just kinda catching up with you and a few others. Have to see what JM’s up to also. Take care Precious friend.


    1. Yes, Eddie they truly do. They are always so sweet. I’ve noticed a Cardinal flies to the line and sits beside him. They both sing their own song like crazy. Makes me laugh. I think they are competing sometimes. 🎶 🎵

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      1. It is and this one comes back yearly. Well his parents do. They build a nest in my roses. This one actually learned how to fly from my back porch. They really kept me peeking out the window this year. 😂😂

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