Everybody have you heard the Mockingbirds are back?

This sweet little baby is outside my window in the rose bushes chirping and calling for his momma. Momma is a tough bird, she flew over to him, fed him and put her head down and pushed him and he fluttered his wings. Thus begins learning how to fly.
Being a momma isn’t easy, it’s hard to know sometimes when to push and when to let them fend for themselves, it’s a tricky thing. I wish I was more like this momma bird.

This is the second baby it’s on the outside of the bushes so it’s hard to get a good clear photo of it. I have a front row seat from my window. Something interesting, I cut my rose bushes back this year so I wouldn’t have babies, but it seems they found the one place I didn’t prune. The momma knows I’m there because she came up to my window looked right at me and made the noise she makes to warn me. 🙂 I smiled and decided to leave her to her mothering. 🙂 Happy Saturday, may it be a chipper and chirpy as mine. Ha

10 thoughts on “Everybody have you heard the Mockingbirds are back?

    1. Hi yay you made it here. Me too. I worried about them. One of the babies climbed up in the tree then the other went somewhere else so I’ve been watching for the mom. I’ve started looking up what to feed them if they get abandoned. 😀 They are taking up my whole day! 🙂 ❤ ❤


    1. ❤ Girl I've been outside all day worried about those babies. One got up in the tree and the other I don't see it. I know the mom and dad are watching but I'm sure they get tired of me. 😀 I need more to do. ❤ 😀 LOL


      1. It’s sunny and very windy. I’m worried it might storm. It’s been storming so bad here. I really glad I didn’t prune too much so they have some cover. I can’t believe I’m bird watching today like baby sitting! 😀 😀 😀


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