I wish~

I wish~in Purple I wish~in Pink~I wish in Blue I wish~Upon Stars Just for You Have a beautiful day!

Be you thankful…ACIM

I am always thankful, except when I’m in the middle of upset. Then later after it has passed I see the beauty of the struggle to get to this truth. There is always peace in the silence where God smiles. Thank you 🙏🏼 ACIM [A Course in Miracles]

Truth…from ACIM

ACIM [A Course in Miracles] I read this one several times this morning and it’s so true. 😁 For me it was like peeling an onion, layers upon layers removed till I got to the truth of this being. So thankful to my friend for showing me the way.💜

Happy Monday

Happy Monday. I’m starting a new chapter in my professional life today. So excited and feeling blessed. 🧡

For you…ACIM

ACIM [A Course In Miracles] For you A💕 I’ve always noticed in the background of all the chaos of life, the silence of God sustains me. Calling me from my deepest heart…Where I know everything with be okay. I trust in Him! Amen 🙏🏼 love you M  

Blog Header art

Over the years I’ve always designed my own header art, even though WP provides themes I never use their art I like to create my own. Yesterday I changed my design to this… This art came from the art I designed for the Still Small Voice Post. I think that says it all for me. I created several candidates. I usually go with what I’m feeling and design art from that place. Over the years I’ve changed my header art a lot mostly it reflects how I feel.  I thought you might… Read More

Happy Valentine’s Day to You


Thank You for being Here

Thank You for being here and sticking with me 💜

Yellow Sky…Yellow Lines

Maybe it was the Yellow Sky & Yellow Lines That caught my eye All I know…it was a foggy Winter’s day I saw them all a sudden Drifting, floating, they did flutter Landing on the Yellow lines Nothing seen for miles and miles but… This Yellow Sky…These Yellow Lines and my two Yellow leaf friends It must have been magic   art, designs by MichelleMarie