Have a gentle Sunday

I love how my wildflowers are growing back for Fall. Such a beautiful sight to my soul. Have a gentle Sunday! 💛🧡

19 thoughts on “Have a gentle Sunday

    1. Hi there, she’s actually doing better thank goodness! I spend a lot of time home and didn’t leave her alone so I could go outside with her. I’m thankful this morning that she was actually awake before me and ready to go outside. Yay!!! I’m so happy about that! Have a beautiful week! 🙂


      1. Oh yes me too! Angel has to go out more too! So interesting how sometimes she forgets what she’s doing and stands in the yard! So silly if it wasn’t so hot it would be okay! I’m ready for fall for sure! Hope you week is going well!


      2. It sure is. I just got home and she’s sleeping she didn’t hear me come in. Sometimes I sneak around so she doesn’t wake up! She seems to do better the more she sleeps! 🙂


      3. Oh…that’s interesting. Angel is like that too. I have to nudge her to wake her up! Tonight she discovered I’m home and she was ready to eat and start our nightly rituals of going outside and standing! LOL 😀


    1. AWW hello there Sovely! I love that comment. Yes, my wildflowers always capture my attention. They grow back so quickly! I’m always happy about that! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I headed over to your blog to read! ❤

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