You waited for Spring’s arrival…Don’t give up

You waited for Spring’s arrival, I believe we are standing on hallowed ground Don’t give up

Happy Sunday Tulips for you

Happy Sunday Tulips for you. I took these yesterday on my long walk! They called my name and I did go. 🙂


WELCOME~✿~Spring~✿~I’ve missed You~✿~

I never knew the sunshine till I met you

I never knew the sunshine till I met you! It’s true

And she could see new growth

And she could see new growth everywhere she looked a masterpiece in the potter’s hands She welcomes Spring glory and brillance she’s shining brightly She’s a flower

Light as a feather

Light as a feather She floats & flutter above it all… like she’s magic I think she is she’s a water walker… Today I had two huge breakthroughs in my life, one of them a 3 year trail of staying the course and the other was a surprise blessing…I always knew I was a water walker. One more to go I can see freedom on the horizon! I believe I’ll dance my way there!

Quiet corners…when things get awfully tiring…this is where I can be found

Quiet corners… when things get awfully tiring, seek silence. Because most of the time, the loudest lessons are found in the most quiet corners of our lives!

LaZy River above Detroit

I thought it was cute when Alex said  mom look a Z river, how cool! I think so too! I thought it was funny that she had to have a t-shirt everywhere we stopped. I guess to remember later! I think that is pretty special! ❤

Waiting waiting waiting

   Waiting, waiting waiting for this procedure and that test. By the end day she was worn out. Waiting for Neurology specialist, Dr. Fealey a God send, he was to figure out and put together a plan for healing for my girl.