18 thoughts on “Happy Thursday

    1. I love you too Ms Vee. I can’t remember if I told you I broke my L3 in my back. I’ve been down for 5 weeks yesterday. 5 more to go. Alex is about the same she’s lost her mobility and is I. A wheel chair now. Not much good going on in my life at the moment except the love and prayers of friends and family. Thank you Ms Vee for thinking of me. ❤️💕💟❌⭕️I love you

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      1. You did tell me the terrible news Michelle. God certainly has His way of making you rest and care for yourself. Of course you have no choice. My prayers for the both of you are continuous! I love you too, and think of you everyday!!!!! Lifes occurrences sure can kick us in the butt! My heart goes out to Alex. I know she’s a fighter and hope she continues to do so! ❤💜🌹🙏

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      2. Thank you Ms Vee. Mine too it breaks my heart because she gets so angry. Thank you for thinking of us and for your prayers. 💕❤️it’s nice to have friends like you. 💕❤️

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      3. Anger is the first emotion that she’ll experience. This too..will run its course. I know your heart breaks seeing Alex so young, and beautiful going through such a trying time
        Oh my dear friend, you’re welcome. I wish I could do more!!! God bless you! ❤💕I love you back!!!


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