Tell Me About It MichelleMarie

I believe there’s an art to letting go

I believe there’s an art to letting go It’s delicate and tenuous and tender Devoid of words that make sense So maybe I can show you how it feels to me Letting go, to me means setting myself… Read More

đź’—Happy Sundayđź’—

đź’—Happy Sundayđź’— Love doesn’t need a reason Love doesn’t always make sense Love doesn’t always mean no risk Love doesn’t mean we don’t try Love doesn’t mind if it’s misunderstood Love only asks that we try I think that’s… Read More

The Front Steps of my Heart

I gathered all my expectations About how life should look How things should be I realized it was time I wrapped them in a bow and lay them gently on The Front Steps of My Heart

Sometimes you have to let it all go.

Sometimes you have to let it all go. Still believing that someday it will be okay!  All those dreams will come true…right now you just can’t see them… đź’śđź’śđź’śđź’śm I think sometimes people forget I had dreams. I’ve… Read More