Sometimes you have to let it all go.

Sometimes you have to let it all go. Still believing that someday it will be okay! 

All those dreams will come true…right now you just can’t see them…


I think sometimes people forget I had dreams. I’ve been waiting for one for 20+ years but I never stop believing. 


20 thoughts on “Sometimes you have to let it all go.

  1. You have a very interesting blog, Michelle Marie. You are certainly not “invisible!” Thank you for following my blog and sharing…



      • You just seem to be one who likes the “behind the scenes” role of helping and participating. I am the same way to a large extent.

        Believe me, we are not invisible to God…He sees all things and has a role for each of us to fulfill.

        You are welcome for the follow and again I thank you for your support!

        Steve πŸ™‚


      • I agree and am thankful I’m not invisible to God. I take great comfort in this fact! πŸ˜€ I’m always at my best supporting and helping. I believe we are here to help and give. Always! Hard to know sometimes just when and where but eventually all is revealed I think! πŸ˜€ Michelle

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      • We are here to help others in any way we can. There are enough people who want to be in charge of many things. I like the “teamwork” portion of things myself. God knows all who give of themselves in every way and no role is too small in His eyes!

        Steve πŸ™‚


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