Firefly Inspirations

Maybe it’s the twilight Maybe June & Summer fireflies I’ll never know why, I cannot stop Sitting & waiting for you First a hinted whisper like wind Oh, it’s nothing that I did To cause this flood of emotion And elation that you are still here No one knows & I’m not pretending No spaces, no blades of separation But me & you inspiration I live to meet you here

Everybody have you heard the Mockingbirds are back?

This sweet little baby is outside my window in the rose bushes chirping and calling for his momma. Momma is a tough bird, she flew over to him, fed him and put her head down and pushed him and he fluttered his wings. Thus begins learning how to fly. Being a momma isn’t easy, it’s hard to know sometimes when to push and when to let them fend for themselves, it’s a tricky thing. I wish I was more like this momma bird. This is the second baby it’s on the outside… Read More


I dwell in the splendor of this knowing This is my life…the life I know Sometimes it’s hard to speak It’s so beautiful and sometimes painful Nevertheless in the surrender It becomes a light to guide me

You Gave It Away

You Gave It Away Life has taken it’s toll with your rock-a-bye body and butterfly soul Oh…don’t you grow old Sail it away Find your way Find your way Push out in the ocean Bail with a spoon Keep your eye on the moon Find your way back With your fist full of wishes Arms full of dreams Don’t give them away Sail them back to me

And when…

And when… the storm clouds moved away  and the sting of the barbed memories  began to fade Her heart, it sang a new sweet sweet song! MichelleMarie

Because Kindness Matters it just does

Because Kindness Matters it just does. I will always choose kindness even when I feel offended, or someones words are hurtful. Just because you can say something mean doesn’t mean you should. Just because you can share an opinion that could be taken in the wrong way, don’t mean you ought to.  Sometimes I grow weary reading thoughts that are unkind. Nevertheless, I choose to share my art, photos and thoughts here. I focus on the goodness and kindness of others and believe the very best from everyone. Have a blessed day.~ღ~

e-the-re-al moments

e-the-re-al moments and I’m hardly speaking a word. I really know these things should be heard. All I can do is show you things the way I see them…e-the-re-al like dancing light on petals~ transparent like my soul. ~ღ~

Romancing her pain

I heard her cries for help I listened to her heart I waited till she was safe At least or so I thought Then I realized… She wasn’t ship wrecked She had wrecked her own ship on purpose Over and over slamming Into the rocks Such raged and ravaged her body It scared me, I became silent I could scream, I know I should but silence overtook me Watching from afar Did she know she wrecked herself? Does she know she broke her brokeness? Wide open, writhing in pain In a stupor of… Read More

Postcard to your heart & soul

Dearest Heart, Happy Spring Much Love, Me