Happy Good Friday

Happy Good Friday this Prayer garden angel catching a reflection of sun from the neighbors window. May we notice the little things and stop to enjoy them. Amen 🙏🏼💜 Thank you God 🙏🏼

29 thoughts on “Happy Good Friday

  1. Hello dear Michelle. A quiet Easter. My grandchildren came to my home on Monday. We went and we bought the half-price Easter candy. Our new world had slowed down and we are learning. We need to appreciate what we have. Good health is a blessing and family near. Our best days. I hope you are doing well. Be safe and be careful my friend.


    1. Aww 🥰 that’s so sweet of you. I’ve been working during this pandemic since I’m in the medical field our company is considered essential. I’ve been so exhausted trying to stay up with everyday work and avoiding exposure takes a lot of work.
      I hope you are doing well A. Thinking of you. 💕💕

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