13 thoughts on “Pink Moon Morning Fog

      1. Yes, all good over here. The confirmed infections are increasing clearly and since we don’t have a lockdown (but only we are called to stay at home and all stores and schools are closed) we are doing really good. I hope you are doing fine too 💖


  1. Beautiful pink moon shot. Pretty foggy morning. The pink moon came up behind clouds here last night. Disappointing. Are you locked down? I hope you and Alex are doing well during these crazy times.

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    1. Hi Tim, thank you. Would you believe we are both working? Considered essential employees. My approach has changed of course so I’ve been designing a lot and it seems I’m so tired when I get home I can barely put two sentences together. Also all the extra PPE I have to wear to work I’m thankful I’m behind the scenes and in direct contact with patients like Alex is. Scary times. I’m thankful for my faith at times like this. I hope you and your family are well. Sending prayers and love 💜💜

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