Abstract love

Show me see your abstract art
Searching my libraries I realized
While I have no “abstract art” per’ se
My life is a tapestry of art you see
I have opened & left my heart is free
Here on these pages and  WP posts
My Abstract love and soul

AND so…like now

AND SO. . .
I am here with you
This moment…I don’t want to take a selfie…
and maybe we create something from this
I trust this place where we
Find ourselves
Like now… I’m trying to be true
And give myself to this moment
I never know where this space will lead
Why you seem to trust when I let go… you hope for it
I always trust in this, a space in where we just
Become ourselves and I hope you feel it too
AND SO. . . and thus I am me…

You know…It is Only Love…

You know it is only love
I find it really is everything?
When I think I finished or done
Love comes pushing though sends me
Back to this love and then I think
It’s all about Love…isn’t it?
You know it is only love?
Don’t you?
Sometimes I think it’s okay that I know
Maybe one day you will see this too