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Шїʟ∂ḟℓ◎ẘ℮ґ Шεεкℯᾔ∂

Butterflies welcome

Butterflies welcome in my world. I planted 3 butterfly bushes and this year finally butterflies are showing up. Usually I get gigantic bees and hummingbirds. I think that’s okay too! I really enjoy watching the butterflies enjoy the flowers I planted for them. ~ღ~

May 25, 2017 New Moon

May 25, 2017 New Moon…I decided to take advantage of this beautiful sky~

Oklahoma May sky tonight

Just sitting on the porch with Angel and this popped up. This was too amazing not to go in the house and get my camera! Amazing…just when I think I’ve seen my sky and know it I see it again in a different way and I’m awed all over again. Something like that.

Wildflowers dancing together

My wildflowers dancing together… Purple is Oklahoma Catsclaw and the white is Queen Anne’s Lace ❤    

Maybe there a new moon on your horizon

Maybe there a new moon on your horizon

After the storms

It’s hard to say how amazing it is to me to be standing there just a the perfect moment when I sky lights up. It’s magical to me!

My little splice of heaven on earth

Flower pot garden

I love to garden in flower pots~ღ~