Let’s float today

Underneath this Oklahoma Sky


Wake Up & Be Awesome

Wake up & Be Awesome funny how that seemed like how I felt today. Just happy to not be in pain and also to see the sunrise again! I love a beautiful sunrise!

Then comes the dawn

Then comes the dawn and last night’s pain has faded and I’m so thankful for dawn. I waited with my Angel dog for this one! đź’•

Red Dawn

This is what I saw this morning when I let Angel out. I think the Dawn was calling my name. So I answered. I’m glad I did.


Dawning on the darkness in my life I see through the eyes of grace The darkness there yet it didn’t feel dark Till the light showed up and my heart sighed…thank God you are here.

I’ve been missing my Oklahoma sky

Check out the sun reflection on the street, ya baby reflection

Check out the sun reflection on the street, ya baby reflection…it stopped me right in the middle of the street. I kept going from side to side to watch it move. I love to do that. I’m sure I look like a deluxe dork. But I really don’t care. I love doing this!

Let me wow you with my sunset skills now! :) kidding

When I first started taking photos I wanted to learn how to take sunset and sunrise photos. That’s what I do best. Sometimes I sit for an hour just watching the magnificent sky! I’m in awe always. How about those colors? I can’t say I’ve ever seen them before. I needed this y’all. What a beautiful end to my week!