17 thoughts on “I see Angel wings~Angels dwell in Jeanne Marie’s garden

      1. Love it!! Woo-hoo!! You made me look pretty! 🙂 I love the award, the font, the flowers and butterfly in pale colors, like the name of thinking pink. I love how it all swirled. You are terrific, PINK-tastic!! I really am moved and pleased. Hugs, Brenda


      2. My daughter is almost out of school, and I’m having to change my book again and maybe write a new one!! I can’t do all that in 1 and a half weeks!! Yikes. Plus today, I am running all over the place. Still, at least I don’t have to worry about ice and snow. 🙂 Have a super wonderful week yourself!


      3. It’s complicated. I’ve decided trying to make it a chapter book is not the answer, it needs to be low middle grade. It’s a page limit, audience issue mostly. It’s okay, I just need to expand the story some more, and the end result will be a better book. And then I’ll rework the second book. Meanwhile I’m looking into developing a different chapter book. I’m making good progress. I spent the morning looking at chapter books at the library, and I’m pretty sure my book is more involved than one of those, so it’s best I do it. I’m having such fun. The year of blogging taught me so much about the writing process. I wouldn’t be doing all this now but for the intensive blogging year.


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