Everything in life looks different when you sprinkle Glitter

Everything in life looks different when you sprinkle some glitter
Y’all I have this person in my life that is always negative, always points out the bad, the glass is half empty kind of person! Every chance they get they like to drop a bomb on me, be it mean words, mean mugging! It makes them happy to be mean to me!
When I see them coming in my mind I see them covered in glitter!!!
Today they said, “What are you smiling at?”
I said, “You sure look shiny and sparkly today!” Smiling😁
“You’re crazy” they said! 😜
No I’m sparkling and shiny you might want to put on your glasses
It’s all a choice how we respond!
I choose Glitter

Ps Thank you Bling for my shiny Glitter signs! Me and Bling we’re shiny that way! ✨🌟💫

5 thoughts on “Everything in life looks different when you sprinkle Glitter

  1. I say take a jar of glitter & throw at them – with the lid on tightly. Hit them as hard as you can…OK – not really. But – the thought did cross my mind. LOL


  2. Yes so true and my oldest grand daughter loved, and still loves glitter. We used to call there the glitter princess when she was little and she is 24 now.


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