To my sweet Uncle Gunn

photsbyGT (1 of 1)-2

After Pa passed, your oldest brother, it left our large family each dealing with this loss in different ways. When one loses a siblings or parent it leaves a hole in your heart and you struggle to find words, or some type of expression to convey this loss. You wrote a song, two in fact, one in the 70s when your Pa, my Gpa passed and then one for your Brother Dan, my Pa. I want you to know I love you to pieces and thank you for reaching out to me. I love sharing with you because it to me is all about inspiration and giving back when your cup sometimes feels empty.

Uncle Gunn you fill my inbox with beauty. Your photos take my breath away as well as your wisdom. I have always loved your words they are like a bandage and while I/we heal we will continue to love and give love because that’s what we do. I’m so thankful to call you Uncle. I am blessed beyond words and I’m trying, though failing pitifully, to tell you how much you mean to me. So I’m posting these photos, I believe they speak for themselves the connection you and I share.

photsbyGT (1 of 1)-3

photsbyGT (1 of 1)-4

It is well with my soul~these are so beautiful Uncle Gunn! I love exploring this beautiful garden called earth through your eyes!



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