It’s not what I did it’s what I didn’t do

Today when I was mowing I noticed someone had gone through all my photos of Alex [BB] . I called her dad [Mike] he said he wanted to show his employees how much she had grown and how much he missed her being young. Well y’all I have to tell you I let it go and I said, “You know you have all those photos because of me I took all of them because I knew there would come a day when you would regret all you didn’t do and I wanted you to have photos of baby girl when she was little. Of course I cried all day about it…..

mostly because I felt insignificant in her life and that he was taking all the credit for her being the woman she is today…….

tonight I went to get something to eat and when I got back these were on the table with a note that said….

It’s not what I did it’s what I didn’t do and I know you took all these photos and I’m sorry Michelle please forgive me.
When it concerns BB it’s hard for me to not see RED, to not charge and attack the enemy I see against me. BUT there’s one more I wanted to share and I want to dedicate it to my BLING friend. If it wasn’t for she and B, I would be lost without their wonderful support and telling me I’m a good mom and a good person. There are those that believe different but what I want to ask you is this?

Do you have a chronically ill child? Do you know what it’s like to watch someone die? Do you know what’s it’s like to face death everyday? Well I do… here’s what I’ve come up with….in this life you will have trouble but thank God for REAL friends that don’t want a thing from you but give out of the abundance of their heart and you sweet friends know who you are.

I may stop blogging for awhile between baby girl and my job my plate is full and I don’t know after 24 years of knowing her dad maybe he’s changing. I’ve never loved anyone like I loved him…I’ve been waiting for him to change and even if he doesn’t I’m not giving up on him. Cause we got this girl together and she’s our whole world.

I hope this makes sense I’m crying as I type this….I’m not editing.

MichelleMarie [Micki to my childhood friends]

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