A time for healing

MomAlex (2 of 3)

MomAlex (3 of 3)

Sometimes girls need their Grandma and the wisdom she brings. BB needed her Gma.
BB hadn’t seen my mom in 2 years, long story…but as you can see Gma did what she does
best she gave of her wisdom to BB. BB is struggling, I won’t lie…with sickness and disease
that doesn’t seem to let up. Her faith is challenged with every new diagnoses. I cannot
articulate what this meant to me to watch BB and my Mom connect and together they
put together BB’s Zebra, Diva, Bling Christmas tree.

Ezra my sweet nephew came too so while he chased Angel [my dog] around the house BB and
Gma decorated. My heart is here all of me, the 3 people in my life that are my heart
walking around this earth. The 3 that have complete and total access to my heart and
for me this is scary. I don’t know why but I simply must be honest!
I cry as I type this and I don’t know why. I hesitated to share this,
but I know sharing is healing. ❤







17 thoughts on “A time for healing

  1. Okay, this is the second time you’ve brought tears to my eyes tonight. Such another, sweet, bittersweet story that I’m so glad you shared. I lift all of you up and pray that Jesus bring great healing and comfort to all of you! ❤ ❤ ❤


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