Okay, so…

I took myself to Chicago to visit Bling, Kim and Liz. I got to meet Pee and had so much fun! Thank you Bling for this adventure! 😀 Yay for Blings!

Rethinking Life

Bling (aka Michelle)  came over last Sunday and left this morning around eleven.  She drove in from Oklahoma and we had a blast.

I took her to see The Bean and, truthfully, I never let her have any rest.  I kept taking her from one place to another.  It was her first time in Chicago:), so there was a lot to see.  I wined and dined her with diet Dr. Pepper (her favorite) and whipped cream cheese and strawberry jelly on bagels or toast.  🙂  We ate lunch when we were out everyday, otherwise that’s what we would have eaten all the time.  LOL  We had ice cream, cookies, popcorn, fruit cups, BAGS AND BAGS of chocolate covered donuts and other assorted healthy foods.  We had a fabulous lunch at California Pizza and we met Kim and Liz, two incredible local bloggers, at Olive Garden for dinner.  Kim brought the…

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