The Bean~The Building~The Bling


Did you know Blings stop for shiny things? Well it’s true…we do! I was like a kid in the candy store so much wonderful sights to take in! In fact it’s taken me till today to process it all!
I ❤ Skyscrapers, I ❤ Bling shiny bling like this!


“Wave hi Bling”


“Bling the camera is covering your face.”

ME “What do you mean Bling?”

“Look the camera is covering your face Bling.”

ME “How I’m not using the viewfinder.”

“No Bling LOOK.”

I seriously could not get it at first the images were so distorted I had trouble finding us in the photos and so here’s what followed!



ME “Where are we I can’t find us!” 

“Bling we are right there.”

ME “I don’t see us.”



“Bling let’s go to the center so you can see us.”

ME “I don’t us Bling.” Hysterical laughing at myself because I cannot see myself and I don’t see you. Do you?

Bling does and that’s all that matters! 😀 😀 😀


This is the end of the bean. I love how the buildings look in this! Now I see the Blings! Do you?


Then I wanted to see how the sun reflected off the bean and then the beautiful buildings I ❤ Skyscrapers.


This is the left side of the bean and the reflection. I ❤ reflections and I ❤ Skyscrapers and I ❤ Bling!

Thank you Bling for everything you shared with me and for the peace…thank you for the peace and all the laughter! I ❤  that!


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