Pinot’s Palette and BB her B-day

Me n BB

BB wanted to paint for her birthday! I love that she wanted to embrace her inner art/bling/diva but as you all know that know me best….I do!

The color palettes. Not enough Pink and orange for me! BB refilled me 2 times!


BB studying the canvas and saying OMG mom are these people real artist?

Mom is this how it is for you everyday? Well yes but I get in the creative zone and stay there! ❤


This is the studio and all the paintings available! This one was sold out for weeks!


This is the artist he asked……..”Are you nervous….. how many of you are nervous?” BB raised her hand! I was not nervous I wanted to watch BB. She wanted to paint so I wanted to witness it! BB followed him step by step…..




BB at this time sent a photo to all her friends and said OMG my mom is lost!


The instructor or artist came by and said do you need help mame???? no I’m fine so he fluffed my clouds and said since you were not following the rules let me fluff your clouds! Okay I said…fluff away….BB said OMG mom you are so embarrassing! Well here’s what I believe about ART


Black faux pas

I can fix that with glitter










14 thoughts on “Pinot’s Palette and BB her B-day

  1. I read every word 🙂 Sometimes you just have to let it all out! And I’m with you…i couldn’t follow along and do exactly the same as everyone else…what fun is that?! Anyway even though you didn’t follow the “rules” you dud a great job…both of you did better than i could for sure!! <#


  2. Many artists would not go to those paint like the model classes. But lots of people like them. They are like middle school art class, and that’s where a lot of people left off. They are good for people who just want to learn technique without worrying about the blank canvas problem. Myself, I always have an image or thought in my head that I want to put on paper. I’m not into still life setups or paint-like-me classes either. It is good to go and get all your materials out, and then HAVE TO DO IT. It’s too easy to just never get out the stuff and paint. You both did great jobs, and you should both paint more. 🙂


  3. That is very cool!
    btw… I am nominating you for the 5-5-5 challenge
    A bit of writing about a photograph. One every day for 5 days
    And, you get to nominate someone everyday!


      1. Heh! Okay. My whacky plans – to do both, “The Journey To Hell”, and “The Fables of The Shah Of Blah” as illustrated books!


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