I’m going write to you now!

I had all but shut down completely when I came to WordPress in 2012. My Pa had passed and me being the oldest sibling was tasked with facilitating everyone else’s grieving process.  I wasn’t able to express the depths my soul wept for my Pa. As I type I can barely see but I feel I must share from my heart of hearts, like the deepest of my deep soul. Alex, aka, baby girl, BB hasn’t been well since she was 2. Nearly died 4 times. I’ve sat vigil by her hospital bed alone. I share that not to play a pity party or anything, simply because it is so. I realized why my family and friends aren’t there because my heartache is so raw and so frequent with Alex’s health that it’s almost like it never stop and that is truth.

Now that kid is grown and engaged and I’m entering a new phase of my life but since then many I have come to know are new Sweet WordPress friends and you don’t know my stance on award and nominations. Please if you have sent me an award, it is never my intent to hurt by posting “No Award Please” my intention was to express my thankfulness and my undying devotion to keep blogging. I hold each thoughtful loving gesture in my heart and hug it tight. I thank you so much for following my blog. With each comment, like or acknowledgment this has helped to build my confidence and also I have experience some wonderful heart healing. I’ve made friendship that are closer then family and I love you dearly. I think of you often when your beloved is sick, when you children excel I cheer with you!

I love this place WordPress. I’ve found my art, my words and sometimes I even take photos. I thank you, if I could get in my car and drive to your house I would. When I saw your face I would jump up and down and hug you so tight.

Art by MichelleMarie
Art by MichelleMarie



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