No awards please your presence is such an honor


No awards please~Your PRESENCE is all the Presents I need
I didn’t start this blog to garner any accolades, recognition or standing ovations.
I came to you a broken woman, a grieving daughter, and a momma who was working out
the pain, sometimes pounding it out on my keyboard and posting with no readers/followers in mind. 
I never dreamed anyone would want to read the rambling of my mind that seems to never stop~
but you have~you’ve embraced me flaws and all. I’ve been blessed by each of you in so many ways.
I have no expectations~how could I~when my wildest dreams have come true in your presence here!
Thank you for the daily Presents of your Presence I pray you are richly blessed as you have blessed me!


I hope not to offend anyone! I wanted to gently express my views and feelings about singling out or awarding people for something I personally consider just sharing for me.

Thank you so much for your comments ღ

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