Happy Happy Birthday Sweetest Bling


Bling these are the photos I took when I was in Chicago with you! Chicago Botanic Garden!

~❤Happy Birthday to You~❤
~❤Happy Birthday to You~❤
~❤Happy Birthday Sweetest Bling~❤
~❤Happy Birthday to You!~❤ 

~❤Yay, yay it’s your Birthday~❤
~❤I’m about to sing~❤
~❤Happy Happy Birthday~❤
~❤to the Blingiest Bling!~❤

there’s a dance too but I’ll spare you and refer you to my last dancing video! LOL

Thank you for your beautiful friendship. Thank you for helping me be strong, for lifting me up when I’m down. Thank you for teaching me how to stand Bling! You did! I don’t know if you know that or not but I admire your strength and the way you love people forever!

I wrote the instructions down just like you said for drawing boundaries in my life and at work. See below! Sometimes I say them all at once! 😀


Every day I repeat things you have said to me! I never want to forget your wisdom so I write it down. My brain needs notes Bling! By the time I’ve scanned my notes for the subject I forget the question so that’s a good thing too! 😀 LOL That made me laugh!




Thank you so much for your comments ღ

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