Sweet Escapes and Sunrises

Sweet Escapes by Paul Cardall


I have a lot of Sweet Escapes right here in the skies of Oklahoma. They bring me much peace so I thought I would share a few special ones. I have over 4,000 sunsets and sunrises so I won’t bore you with all of them but maybe the ones that on this particular day spoke to me deeply!

Sunrisewithaview (1 of 1)

This is my view every morning during my quiet time!


Another favorite I think it speaks for itself why I love it and find peace here!


This was on my birthday this year! I love it when a special day is honored with such delight!


This one I made for Bling because she had not seen the sun for days! This is my time of the day to be thankful for my friends and loved ones. To pray and hold thoughts of those I love and send well wishes and prayers your way! I do this every day and through out my day as you come to my mind! This is my deepest desire is to touch hearts. Thank you for touching mine! Have a blessed day! ❤