Chantilly Grace

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My Pa said,  “She had Chantilly Grace,” and I always wondered too myself…wasn’t that lace?
Oh but he said, “It’s so much finer than that, she has the kind of grace that when she left the room she took my heart with her.” Oh I said, “Pa I want that kind of grace one day,”  and he said. “You’ve already got it, the day I first held you in my arms, I knew my heart would break a thousand times watching you go, now straighten up an act like it.” I smile just thinking of that day! I still don’t know what he meant but he always made it sound so pretty and I loved that about him. 

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    • He stood for something and literally fought for me and my family and friends. He once rescured a kid who got on a go kart that went out of control and this little guy was flying around trees and my Pa stood still and when it flew by he tackled it and picked it up and the rotor ground into his arm burnt his 3 degree burns but he saved the kid! He always had a scar from that! I’ll never forget the things I saw my Pa do. He always took action! I think that’s why I struggle so much wanting to jump in and rescue people then realizing sometimes it’s best to let them find their own way! 😀 That has always been a struggle for me. Especially with Alex losing her sight. I’m like a caged momma lion! Nothing to do but pace and wait! She’s being so brave! I’m so proud of her. While we wait we are decorating and keeping our minds and hands busy! ❤ 😛 Not easy!

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      • I can see where you get your loving and nurturing nature from. It seems you have the best of him. I reckon he would be so proud of you M.


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