6:20 am Foggy w/BB    

I’m on vacation and so thankful I’m free to drive BB to work. At one point she said Mom I know I can’t see but can you. We laughed because I was only going 35 mph!   

I woke up at 3 am I haven’t been sleeping much lately. I’m waiting for the BIG TIRED but it hasn’t hit me yet!   

I loved it when I saw the sun.   

Finally when the sun came up this is what it looked like it was frosty and foggy. I’ve never seen the sunrise look like this.

I just wanted to share what I saw. Spent the day doing all the things I never get to do because I work so much. Now I’m back waiting for BB to get off. Things are strange,  when she said for Christmas she expected her sight back she said she was going to be mad id it didn’t. I thought how amazing that was to me after years of being this woman of faith I would like to say my faith grew but it didn’t at least not anything to share about. I don’t claim to understand one single thing about God. I’m just showing up and doing what I know to do which is love my girl no matter what. 

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