16 thoughts on “Thank you Bling

  1. Sooooo cute. I love that kitty cat. And I’m obviously on a massive “catch up” splurge here, during my self allotted one hour per day on the computer. Are you not lucky Pink Angel Friend? Hugs.


      1. I think she learned a lot from her Mom, and they are all rough on Mom at some point. Take my word on this though, boys are much easier on Mom than daughters are, but I sure don’t want to give up any of my kids, including the smart mouthed one, who will celebrate his 12th birthday finally, after 48 years. Only girls could appreciate being born on Feb. 29. The brat of mine just laughs at me — still. Easier when they are young.


      2. The real fun comes during the week before and the week after his birthday. My daughter’s day is 3-7, older son 2-22, and then there’s Mike! So different from his sister and brother, and so sweet at the same time. It’s a good thing I don’t have a favorite.


      3. I think they are each a favorite in each unique way. Mike will have his official birth date this year — my Leap baby. I have more fun teasing him about finally reaching 12 years of age. Even more fun telling his kids about them being older than he is each year. So much fun telling a 9 year old grandson he is older than his Daddy.


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