Important things to do…

I love this is so much like Bling. You are so funny and crack me up in a good way❤️ this is so fun! 🌸🌸

Rethinking Life


Photo from:  MichelleMarie/Bling
This is the picture Bling chose to write about.  We are both writing a story and will post them together.  As you will see when you read the lovely story she wrote for me, I was in a different mood when I wrote this.


“How much longer do I have to sit this way?” she asked.  “My eyes hurt and so does my neck.”

“Just a little longer,” said, the photographer.

“I’m uncomfortable.”

“I don’t doubt it, now smile.”

“I’ve been smiling for an hour and I feel, and look,  like an idiot.  What’s Tom doing?”

“Oh, we’re just going to add him later.  He’ll be a bit blurry, in the upper left hand corner. He didn’t have time to pose, he had important things to do.”

Mary stood up, knocked over a lamp, growled loudly, and slammed the door on her way out.

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6 thoughts on “Important things to do…

  1. Love it. Read this and the original, following the other site also now. Wish I could write short stories, but I’ve tried and they always stink, just to put it mildly.


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