always hope~always patience~always


always hope~always patience~always

I’ve been sitting in my prayer garden today! I love my little garden angel. She’s seen some rough weather living here in Oklahoma. Looks like she’s staying the course! Like me! ❤


31 thoughts on “always hope~always patience~always

  1. Kentucky is made of stones, so you should come up here when you are better. Just start digging a field in Central KY and — probably none left now though. Loads of them here in Owensboro near the river. Out on the farm they are plentiful and the boys would love for you to just haul off as many as you want. When can we expect you???? I think I must be dreaming again, huh?
    Love you Pink Angel.


    • Hi B. I did. I’m resting a lot. Decided to not try to work from home and wait till I see my doctor Friday. Alex went back in the hospital Sunday. I can’t go because of my back so I’m waiting here. Sigh. Wanted you to know. I love you! Xoxo

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      • I saw your post about BB, love, and my heart thumped, but I feared messaging because I know you’re struggling physically too. Sometime quite amazing must be just around the corner for you both after all these problems. Holding to faith and hope for you both. All my love. xoxoxox


      • Thank you for your faith and love B. You are a wonderful friend! So sorry I’ve been MIA lately! It’s hard healing and then worrying about Alex. I go to the doctor tomorrow so hopefully things will be okay and I can start getting up and doing things more! xoxo

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      • Don’t worry about commenting or answering comments. I am just so happy to see you here!! WAHOO!!! I love you both. Don’t apologize for MIA, I am spending less time here. It’s too beautiful to stay inside much. 🙂


      • OH yes I agree with you! It’s raining today! BB is coming home for a little bit and then going back in once they have all her tests back. So that will be good. I hope she’ll be okay at home by herself. 😛 I’m so happy to hear you are getting outside. xoxo

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      • Rain is coming here too, but omgosh I love sitting outside, breathing it all in. 🙂 🙂 I hope everything turns out well. Answers, my word they are needed. Huge hugs and lots of love. xoxo


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