Oneirataxia….storms and trials caused

Storms and trials caused Oneirataxia and she no longer had a strong grasp of reality or fantasy, and she liked it that way. Just for now I smiled backstage her, holding back tears…okay I believe you. Because I always believe the best even if it’s oneirataxia, and I know it.

24 thoughts on “Oneirataxia….storms and trials caused

  1. It’s true I think a lot of it is age related. Interesting word. I think because she’s been ill for so long her perception is skewed. Reality can feel like a cold hard punch in the gut sometimes. I’m patient and wait. πŸ˜„


    1. I think so Bling. I think letting her work it out is the key. She seems to have shifted some yesterday in her thinking so I’m hoping and praying for something to happen. Good of course! πŸ˜€


    1. I agree I was stopped when I saw this word. I’m a word person. I like to look them up and learn their meaning. That’s what I do as part of my day job…so this one really had so many meaning that I could apply to my life. In this case it’s Alex. But also like you said there are many people we could say in our lives that are this way. Even though I can be dreamy I am more actual and factual then most women, I used to think it a curse but now I see it just makes me good at what I do. As you can tell a lot lies behind this word and my choice of it! Hugs to you E. ღ❧❧

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      1. You are intuitive. I will ponder a word for days sometimes. Reading about it’s origin usually there is something more to discover that I had not realized at first! Hugs to you!

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      2. Actually today and this weekend it really hurt so I think it’s healing. The pain is nothing like it was so I’m thankful for that. I’m only working 1/2 days and then working the rest of the day from home. I’m much better in the mornings. Most productive too! Take care yourself Hugs (β—‘β€Ώβ—‘βœΏ)

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    1. I think so. I was thinking of my girl when I made this. Of course I wouldn’t share it with her it’s simply something I’m working through with her, mostly me. She continues to be stuck in this oneirataxia state of mind. Maybe that’s not such a bad idea! I’ll have to think on that. Love to you Michel! Have a super day! ❧ღ❦❦


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