25 thoughts on “Until you came into my life…

  1. OMG, I’m crying Pink Angel friend. Is this Alex? This is so beautiful, and I’m sitting here crying like a baby at how beautiful this all is. Oh gee, now I’ll have to go and do some serious sobbing before I can go on here. I’m loving this. Love you also. ❤

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    • Awe thank you. I know I’ve been crying a lot too and so has Alex. Her fiancé broke off their engagement and it’s been a rough weekend. I hope and pray something good happens. We sure need a break. Thank you for your sweet comment. Friends that cry together that’s okay I think. 💕then laugh. 😂


      • I’m still praying for a good kind of break for you and Alex. I would love to call her fiance a jerk, but at the same time I can’t really judge him and what he is going thru either. He has his own demons to fight and they can’t be small ones for him, but I do wish he could have hung in there for her.
        It is good when friends cry together, then better when they can laugh together. I had to cut someone out of my life today after spending several days and nights thinking deeply about it. That decision didn’t come easily, but she was warned several times to straighten up and take her hand out of my medicine cabinet. Finding it there again, and a few minutes later in my purse was the last straw, and there could be no more warnings, just a surgical slice and no more contact now. So, more tears because of that also, what is and what I had hoped would be. I’m ready to give up now, just curl up inside and stop fighting. For now I’ll just lock my door and retreat from the world around me again. The blog will continue since it isn’t a daily one, and because it isn’t supposed to be humor involved now.
        So sorry, I didn’t mean to unload all this, but you are one of the few people I still trust.
        I love you Pink Angel friend. xoxoxo


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