My other butterfly bush


This is my other butterfly bush. JM told me that is how she attracts butterflies to my yard yet I only seem to get bees and hummingbirds! 😀


10 thoughts on “My other butterfly bush

  1. “only seem to get bees and humming birds” I would love to see a humming bird. Maybe when I can start taking decent photos again, I will go in search of them. Maybe I’ll have to come and stay with you for a few weeks 😉 lol

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    • Well they seem to be drawn to my bird bath and my tree that literally smells like mint. But it’s not mint. It has purple flowers. All my butterflies bushes and that tree are purple. maybe they like that color. There is a little black one this year and a red and green one. They are so cute because they are used to me now maybe so they sometimes fly close to me. 😀 LOL

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  2. By are and the Hummrs are so funny I think they get used to me because they fly up when I’m outside. I do love the bunnies thus year are everywhere. Angels is having fun. 😂😂💕


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