Good news

Today my mom drove up to take me to the hospital I had my back procedure and it all went well. Yay! Only 8 to 12 more weeks to heal. We laughed a lot because the doctors instructions said…Do Not drive or sig important documents. No drinking, or smoking or operating dangerous machinery. Marilyn Skipper Rhoades Antell mom said they should add no giving driving instructions either. We laughed so hard because I kept telling her we were going to take a right so she kept trying to turn right and I meant in 3 miles but was thinking it in my brain. Mom has lost her mind reading skills apparently or I need to shut thee up till I made sense. So I am. Just wanted those who cared to know, know that I made it through and am checking out for the weekend. Much love and hugs to you! 💕💕

25 thoughts on “Good news

    • YES she’s been so very supportive and helpful. Even with BB mostly helping me stay the course. She’s been being a toughie to deal with. I love that the love is always there and I trust that love. The rest I toss because BB is a bit of a drama queen.
      That procedure I had on Friday didn’t make much difference in the pain. I don’t have the stabbing pain but I still cannot sit and I need to sit at my job. My boss assured me that it might take longer and is so so supportive so I feel better knowing it’s okay if it takes longer than my plans! 😉 my silly plans. ❤ xoxo

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