Some people aren’t loyal to you…

Be AWARE of these PEOPLE, but don’t BE those PEOPLE. AND yes LOVE these people because LOVE never fails. 💖 but don’t expect them to be what they cannot. Thanks for the heads up @shelleygiglio Lisa Bevere

I saw this on Facebook and I loved it immediately. I learned this one the hard way. 

Guard your heart it’s the wellspring of life! 

Sometimes these people can be family members. I’ll never forget what Bling said to me, 

“Bling never let anyone hurt you twice.”

 She’s right, I never do. I simply have to love them at a distance and not let them in anymore. It’s hard when I love them! 💓😄

14 thoughts on “Some people aren’t loyal to you…

  1. My heart isn’t just guarded, it’s encased in lead with a barbed wire electric fence, attack dogs and a tower Rapunzel would get vertigo from. I ain’t letting anyone near that again lol


    1. Me too. I wish it weren’t and I love the wisdom Lisa shared with it. I find that putting distance between me and that person is best. Very hard but best. I think! 😀 I wish you the best with this! 😀


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